Printable T-Shirt Designs

At Gold'N'Roll, we love to design T-Shirts for you!

Our work covers all the steps of the creative work:

1. we help you with the concept (idea, message, image) and together we write a brief;
2. based on the brief, we realize mock-ups of the T-Shirt;
3. if the mock-ups are not exactly what you want, we work on them to final form;
4. based on the mock-ups, we make the printable files.

* We can assist only partially with the creative work, depending on your needs. For example if your brief is done, we will do only the last 3 steps based on your brief.

Once the work is agreed to be done and upon payment of the design, we will send you:

• a high quality image file processed and ready to be printed on white T-Shirts
• a high quality image file processed with white mask and ready to be printed on colored T-Shirts

Based on your location, you may decide to print the T-Shirts with us or to print at your local printing workshop.

* Our files are optimized for DTG (direct-to-garment) digital ink printing, though older technologies should also work. If your local T-Shirt printing workshop encounters any problem printing our design, we will get in touch with them to work things out.

Feel free to contact us using the contact form of this site, write us at or call us at +40-756-824-178.

We also invite you to visit our workshop at Constantin Balacescu street, no. 30, 010918 Bucharest, Romania. Here you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, while we discuss the details of your T-Shirt design.


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