Meaningful Graphic Design

We do take silly cats videos, Valentine's Day greetings and funny memes seriously. Laughter and good vibes do make the day for many people. It's also true that these alone are not sufficient to maintain a long term happy life.

There are several universal principles including peace, honesty, sincerity, kindness, patience, conscientiousness, openness, that when applied together and consistently, proved to be key for long term public success. The path to an accomplished life goes also through developing a thinking pattern favorable to personal ease and sanity: having a meaning and acting accordingly, controlling it's own emotional responses, building an adaptive and playful mindset, being bold on its principles, being aware of and exercising its liberty in all circumstances. The challenge is to put all the pieces together, to become a whole.

Writing down one's thoughts and feelings, reading and sharing them are great tools for awareness which in turn is a precondition of change and development. We made it our mission to conceptualize and to design messages and illustrations that bring light to what's fundamentally positive and successful for the individual itself and in relation with others. We couldn't make it without being great at execution!

We do materialize ideas in many forms:

• Branding
• Layout for print and digital graphics such as: logo, stationery, brochures, posters, promotional materials, static banners
• Photo and video manipulation

For conferences, workshops, training, marketing campaigns, volunteering and sports events, both corporate and non-profit, our collaboration brings new perspectives and fresh ideas on your concept, finalizing with meaningful designs.

Let's work together to make that funny cat video the accomplishment of a successful day, not a carpet to hide one's problems underneath!


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